The AYA Cancer Page on the American Cancer Society website provides excellent synopses on AYA cancer including statistics, cancer types, risks, prevention and treatments.


Almost everyone has used Wikipedia at one time or another to find out more about a particular topic.  Check out what Wikipedia contributors have collected on the topic of Cancer in Adolescents & Young Adults.  The weblink below will take you directly to the AYA Cancer topic page.


Mesothelioma is often considered a cancer found only in older adults.  But it can also strike children, teens and young adults. 

See this comprehensive site, from The Mesothelioma Center, for more information

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This is by far the best source of AYA Cancer statistics.  The NCI began compiling AYA cancer statistics in 1992 making it the source of an astounding database with which to track trends in AYA cancer incidence and epidemiology over the last 20 years.


Find research publications in several ASCO journals (e.g., Journal of Clinical Oncology, Jounal of Oncology Practice).  Be sure to search on "AYA" or "Adolescent" or "Young Adult",  You'll quickly find scholarly articles from leaders in the field of AYA Cancer and AYA Oncology.  This site is aimed at those trained as physicians, clinical researchers and providers but many of the papers found on this site can be of use regardless of profession or scientific training.

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