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The Annual Reid's Ride 28-Mile Bike Ride is held each year on the third Sunday in July.  The Ride is the primary fund-raising event for the Alliance.  Since its inception in 2005, the annual event has raised over $3 million.  Those funds have fueled the launch and growth of the Reid R Sacco Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Programs/Clinics at Tufts Medical Center and at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

2021 17th Annual Reid's Ride 28-Mile Bike Ride.  "Rise Up and Ride, Run, Row or Walk!"

We will hold the 2021 17th Annual Reid's Ride as special virtual event on Sunday morning July 18th.

All individuals and teams are invited to create the own "Reid's Ride".

to Register and to find more details, go to

2021 Reid's Ride

The 2020 Reid Ride

Early in 2020, despite widespread uncertainly about what COVID-related restrictions might be in place in July, we decided to pivot to either a hybrid or an entirely virtual format.  The Ride always regarded the safety of its riders, volunteers and supporters as a top priority but it looked like COVID would be posing an unprecendented risk that we could not manage.
Our decision turned out to be a good one.  As the winter ended and spring began, more and more events cancelled amidst tighter and tighter restrictions on social gathering and amidst growing concern for participant safety.
Unfortunately for the Ride, "going virtual" would mean abandoning some of the Ride's most popular and distinguishing  appeals.  Participants would not be able to enjoy being surrounded by hundreds of riders, volunteers, supporters, friends and family at the starting line, along the route, and at the exciting finish line at Gloucester's Stage Fort Park.   As always, safety was a top priority for Ride organizers, and
But Alliance volunteers immediately stepped up and planned for a virtual event, but one that clung as tightly as possible to the essence of Reid's Ride:  the format had to promote health, it needed to be fun, and it needed to be inclusive.
The theme of the 2020 Reid's Ride became, "Together While We're Apart".  The approach was simple:  Participants were encouraged to create their own "My Reid's Ride" by selecting Any Activity, and to do it Any Place, and Any Time, and at Any Age.   Participants were asked family, friends and colleagues to support their effort with a small donation.  They were also asked to take a few seconds of selfie-video and send that along.
In the video below, produced by Liana Boghosian, you'll see how some of our 2020 "riders" created their "My Ride's Ride" clips.
2020 Reid's Ride
2019 Reid's Ride

2019 Reid's Ride

The weekend's heatwave did nothing to discourage cyclists, supporters and volunteers from participating in this year's 28-mile Reid's Ride held Sunday morning, July 21.  Warnings from forecasters about the near-record-setting temperatures for Sunday did not stifle the enthusiasm and commitment of the event's dedicated riders and volunteers.  In spite of the weather, turnout was as inspiring as ever.

While other area outdoor events were cancelled or postponed because of the high temperatures forecast for Sunday, Reid's Ride went on as scheduled.  Organizers took extra precautions to protect riders from the warmer-than-normal temperatures.  The Reid's Ride Safety Team began its day early at the starting line at Lynnfield High School, advising riders to hydrate before setting out, even if not feeling thirsty, and to take advantage of the extra supplies of ice and bottled water that were available at the starting line. Additional "chase teams" equipped with extra ice and bottled water patrolled the route.  The number of fully stocked water and ice stations along the route were doubled.  Several kind residents along the route took it upon themselves to provide "misting" stations for passing Reid's Ride cyclists.

Reid's Ride has used the same 28-mile route each year and it takes into consideration weather conditions expected in mid-July so that riders, supporters and volunteers are treated to the most comfortable temperatures.  The route quickly makes its way from Lynnfield to and along the Cape Ann shoreline and finishes oceanside in Gloucester so that riders, supporters and volunteers are treated to cooler temperatures. The ride both starts and finishes early (most riders have crossed the finish line by 9:30 AM) to take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures.

This was the 15th annual Reid's Ride and over those years the proceeds from Reid's Ride have made possible many unprecedented improvements in the care and treatment of cancer patients ages 15 to 39.  But Reid's Ride Director Lorraine Sacco cautioned, "There is more work to do, especially in closing remaining gaps faced by this underserved population of cancer patients. That is why the theme for this year’s Ride was, 'No More Loose Ends for AYAs diagnosed with cancer'."  She added, "Reid’s Ride continues to stand by its pledge to make sure that no AYA cancer patient will be denied access to the specialized care, breakthrough therapies, and access to clinical trials they so badly need.  Reid's Ride continues to pursue its mission to make certain that all AYAs battling cancer are given every chance possible to survive and thrive and to resume a normal trajectory of career, family, and living life to its fullest."

The 2019 Reid’s Ride raised more than $205,000 to fight the cancers striking Adolescent & Young Adults. This total is expected to swell as additional donations to teams and individuals, as well as company matches, continue to come in during the next several weeks. The Reid's Ride website will remain open until October so that supporters can make post-event tax-exempt donations to their favorite teams, favorite riders, or to the event itself.

Taking honors for the top fundraising teams were: “Danvers Diehards” ($14,233); “We Can’t Stop” ($13,399); "Firefighters Fighting Cancer";($6,037); "Beverly Rockin Rotarians" ($5,917); “North Shore Smiles” ($5,425); "Friends in Texas" ($5,075); Team Cleo ($3,320); Team Always Sonny ($2,910); Team NH ($2,740); “Rotary (Lynnfield) Riders” ($2,525); and Lynnfield Mom's ($2,415).

Taking honors for the top fundraising individuals, many of whom held fundraising events, were: Liz Joyce  ($13,070); Meredith Nash  ($8,116); Jeff Corbett ($5,117); Jacqueline Rapisardi  ($4,642); Weston Sacco ($3,574); Mike Marra  ($3,251); Jane Greeno ($2,621); Luke Kimball ($2,525); Joey Fogg ($2,440); Kevin Connolly  ($2,010) and Lisa Blount ($2,000). 

2018 Reid's Ride

2018 Reid's Ride

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2017 Reid's Ride

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2017 Reid's Ride

2016 Reid's Ride

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2016 Reid's Ride
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